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With over a decade since the inception of the company, Risk Capital FX has a wealth of experience trading all types of commodity and forex based retail investment products. Risk Capital FX is a leader in both fully managed and non-discretionary trading accounts for retail and institutional investors all over the world. Our track record speaks for itself with profits in both bear and bull markets alike in all sectors of commodities and forex trading.

Our head office is in Tokyo, Japan with our client services and offshore division based out of San Jose, Costa Rica enabling Risk Capital to cover commodity and forex trading virtually around the clock. Find out more about what we do and how we do it by visiting our about us page or find out more about our services by clicking here..

At Risk Capital FX, we pride ourselves on our approach towards client service and have an excellent reputation bolstered by years of looking after clients all over the world. Our brokers cover all areas of the commodity and forex trading market and we speak english, spanish, mandarin chinese and japanese.

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Risk disclosure - Past results do not guarantee future performance. Commodity and forex trading can involve substantial risk of loss and because of this only risk capital should be used.

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